What the fuck did I do wrong? – Episode 3 – The human animal
Published on: 7 Apr, 2021
what the fuck did I do wrong

What the fuck did I do wrong? – this question boddered me in the last week

And I started looking for answers. Well, maybe I did something wrong, but I am a fair person and I can see my mistakes.

What the fuck did I do wrong? – The human animal

The human animal, the new species evolving from homosapiens. There is no respect, there is no trust, there is no honesty. That is the HUMAN ANIMAL. The only thing that’s left is greed. The darkest sentiment of them all. That is the animal sentiment that sleeps inside all humans, and it depends on each one of us if we let it wake up.

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What I’ve learned in this life is that most valueble sentiment in the world is trust. Because is the hardest to earn and the easiest to loose. All you need is a gesture, a word or a look in the eye and it can go in a second either way. Being honest helps build trust. Being fair helps building trust. But being honest is hard for most of the humans. But is better to be honest upfront to protect your hard earned trust. If you care for the people you love, if you want to be fair to them, is better to be honest. Sometimes truth hurts, but loosing trust is way more painfull.

I’m a romantic lost in a horrible world, trying to find beauty where ever it is to find.

So, what the fuck did I do wrong?


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