What the fuck did I do wrong? – Episode 2
Published on: 4 Apr, 2021
what the fuck did I do wrong?

What the fuck did I do wrong? Well lets begin with the ending.

What the fuck did I do wrong?

I was happy until a few days ago. I had my love near me, everything was fine. Until I went to another city with work for three days … when I came home she told me over the telephone …”Dear, key is inside, door is open I am gone … forever” … In that moment I lost my mind … I got blindness on my eyes … everything went to pieces … all my life plans with my future wife ….

First I was furious I, I tried to talk to her, I tried to understand why ,,, I had no clue what is happening. Well It took me more than a week to find out … In my eyes she was guilty as charged … she robed the house, she got herself a rent …. And disappeared. You all say that she is guilty, what she did is wrong and so on … well after a week I found out that most of the guilt is mine … and only mine … why … here is the hard part … trying to acknowledge your own guilt.

So … What the fuck did I do wrong?

A lot. I did a lot of things wrong. I didn’t pay attention to her needs, I didn’t do things for her what I should have done. I learned that money have no value in love. You need to pay attention to her needs.

Yes my dear readers, I found out that a real woman doesn’t want money and beautiful things. What she needs most is attention. Attention to small needs and details. I fucked up big time. I was working, for us for the family … But that isn’t enough. Cause working to much caused me this. I forgot about family somewhere on the road, I forgot I can do some things around the house as well. It’s not emasculating when you help your love with things around the kitchen, with things like laundry … if you cook her breakfast sometime. It’s normal to do so and I totally forgot about this small things. Now, after a week of suffering after her, still waiting for her call, to tell her that I found out about me, about what I did wrong … but she’s had enough of me and of all men.

So, What the fuck did I do wrong?

This didn’t happen overnight … this is after some six long years. Six long years I didn’t see that my concept of being a man is not only making money. Her job at home was much more harder: I’ve seen it now, but I didn’t see it in time. I am paying the bill!

Now I have to take it out of my system.

To be continued….


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